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Tomorrow…a young adult is about to embark on a new journey called adulthood and needs encouragement. Give them a beautiful piece of everyday wearable jewelry or accessory that carries your message of courage, strength, and dose of confidence. Hearing the voice of someone who has been an influence is a priceless gift.
Today…capture milestones and live in the moment. Record messages, prayers, quotes or even mini stories and send them as a gift in a beautiful piece of everyday wearable jewelry or accessory. A babies first words, first school concert song, words of wisdom, favorite prayer or poem, all captured with your one-of-kind voice and sent as a forever giving gift.
Yesterday… life changes in the blink of an eye. What we had is gone and something new is in its place. We rely heavily on our memories for support and comfort. These memories replay in our mind and within our hearts multiple times over. And now you can hear the actual voice of the deceased loved one whenever you chose by wearing the piece of jewelry or accessory specifically made for you.