Our company’s foundation is built upon helping others. We strive to deliver joy, comfort, peace and happiness to everyone. Everyone is deserving of these essential emotions. Jewelry Messenger is so very blessed to be a beacon of hope, a shining star and a provider of smiles. We place our faith in our all mighty Lord and are thankful for the continued guidance and direction our all mighty God provides us.

From our own personal experiences, we know how important it is to have community support and a place to learn how to cope and thrive after something horrible happens to us. We are very passionate about learning how to live a good life again, how to get our faith in the “good” back, and how to see our hopes and dreams again.

Commitment to Reducing Waste

Jewelry Messenger is committed to be a good steward to our environment. We understand the astronomical amount of waste across the world and the damage it is causing. We do not want to contribute more to it; therefore, we analyze our processes and methods ensuring waste is reduced or eliminated wherever possible. We find reusable products and find ways to reuse our own materials.